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San Antonio, Texas

RV rental in San Antonio means that you'll get to explore the state's oldest municipality, which began as a Spanish mission and colonial outpost in 1718. Modern San Antonio experienced explosive growth and is now the seventh most populous city in the US. First, decide the perfect class of RV to whisk your party away on your vacation. The three classes of RV, A, B and C, constitute different measures for length, mileage and comfort. Class A lies between 21 and 41 feet long, the Class B, which is sometimes called a sleeper van, is a smaller and more agile vehicle, and Class C offers drivability on a smaller scale at 20-38 feet long. A Class A motorhome rental in San Antonio should be expected to get a rate of 6-8 miles per gallon because the greater the length, the more modest the mileage.

You'll feel comfortable driving a Class C, which is smaller than a Class A. Overhead sleeping spaces ensure lots of room for providing your party with plenty of rest. Whichever San Antonio RV rental you choose, you'll utilize each nook and cranny for storage of essentials plus fun items.

Towable camper rentals in San Antonio constitute the class of toy haulers, travel trailers and fifth wheels. Your vehicle must be hefty like a truck to pull one of these unless you rent a pop-up camper, which an SUV or large sedan may haul. A pop-up camper rental in San Antonio provides many amenities, such as electric stove, microwave, refrigerator and a 10-gallon water tank.

RV Campgrounds Near San Antonio, Texas

Just a 10-minute drive from the River Walk is Traveler’s World, which offers military discounts and Good Sam discounts to cement its reputation as a fun, family-oriented place to stay. Rest here to enjoy the campground's 165 RV sites, which feature pull-through and back-in pads, cement walkways and patios, a gym, a heated pool and full hookups. Another option is River Walk RV Park, which offers easy access to a bus line for viewing the sights or visiting the nearby Fort Sam Houston.

US National & State Parks Nearby San Antonio

If you consider the Alamo as the must-see historical site, then branch out from there. Not just to the many great state parks of Texas but national parks, too, like Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Big Bend National Park. The bend referred to is one in the mighty Rio Grande, which separates Mexico from the US. Mountains, thermal hot springs, canyons, and deserts entice each visitor to kayak, hike, river raft and explore to their heart's content. Ranger-led tours walk you through magnificent red rock country and stargazing nights.

RV Storage Facilities in San Antonio, Texas

Should you need to store your RV, facilities nearby bring peace of mind by supplying secured areas. Enjoy the large RV on the wide-open road and use the smaller vehicle you have towed for shorter excursions. Marbach Road Mini Boat & RV Storage is one of many ready to store your RV in the area.

Dumpstations Near San Antonio

Dumpstations are an important consideration for all RV trips as they're the only place to safely and legally get rid of your waste stored in your RV. Dumpstations in the area can be found at:

Popular Tourist Attractions for an RV Rental San Antonio, Texas

The Alamo occupies the premier place as it inspires each visitor with its glimpse of Texas spirit and independence. There are three modern animal attractions: Sea World, the San Antonio Zoo and the San Antonio Aquarium. One of the oldest cathedrals in the US, San Fernando Cathedral, graces the city's downtown. Fiesta Week in April honors the Alamo and San Jacinto battles, and the cathedral is involved in the celebration, in addition to hosting Easter Week's Good Friday Passion Play. Want to explore the rest of the state? We have you covered - here are 15 must-see spots for your Texan road trip.

Sports and Entertainment Near San Antonio, Texas

NBA's San Antonio Spurs play at the AT&T Center for a rip-roaring game to cheer through. Rugby is popular enough to support two clubs in the city. In the world of golf, the Valero Texas Open is a professional PGA tournament on the PGA Tour since 1922.

The Arneson River Theater on the River Walk displays the Fiesta Noche del Rio dance troupe featuring songs and dances from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, California and Texas. As you enjoy your leisurely boat ride, choose a restaurant or shop for your pilot to steer you to.

Highways in or Near San Antonio, Texas

Four interstate highways converge on San Antonio, making travel between the state’s major cities easy. I-10 is the major east-to-west highway of the southern US, and I-410 is its loop route in San Antonio. I-35 runs north to south from the border to Oklahoma, and I-37 heads south from San Antonio to Corpus Christi.

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