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Keystone RV Springdale 2820BH

Keystone RV Springdale 2820BH

2021 / Travel Trailer
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39.0 miles from Pacifica, CA
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Popular RV Rentals Near Pacifica, California for Any Budget

While you're in town, you can snag yourself a Pacifica, California RV rental to explore the city and surrounding area. The most common RV types available for rent around the city are Class C motorhomes, Class B camping vans, and towable travel trailers. The Class C RVs are like driving a large truck and perfect for less experienced RV drivers. The cost per night ranges from $150 to $300. Class B campers are like typical vans but usually more spacious, and some rental options are far more luxurious. The most basic models of these vans can be rented for as low as $45 per night whereas the higher-end campers are anywhere from $150 to as high as $480. If you're looking for a towable RV, many travel trailers are available in the area for between $99 and $200 each night.

RVshare's Top Vacation Destinations Near Pacifica, California No Matter the Duration

San Francisco, about 20 minutes northeast of Pacifica, is located in the Bay Area and is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The city is known for its many memorable landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and historic Lombard Street. You may also be able to catch a Giants game at Oracle Park, which is revered as one of the nicest stadiums in professional sports. You'll be able to visit the popular Fisherman's Wharf, which features great food, street performances, and plenty of shopping options. The city is an enjoyable destination regardless of how long you choose to stay, but you may want to give yourself more than a weekend to experience what it has to offer.

The city of San Jose is just a short drive southeast of Pacifica, and it's an interesting destination to visit for a weekend or a few days. The city features many historical landmarks, such as the strange Winchester Mystery House and the educational History Park. There are opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in San Jose as well, like the Japanese Friendship Garden and California's Great America amusement park. If you're looking for a variety of retail and dining options, make sure to stop by the Santana Row area.

Another nearby spot for a weekend vacation is the bustling city of Sacramento, which is about an hour and 40 minutes northeast of Pacifica. The city is near several beautiful national forests; the Eldorado, Stanislaus, Plumas, and Mendocino National Forests are all within a short distance. The popular Yosemite National Park is relatively close as well. In Sacramento, you can visit unique places like Old Sacramento Historic Park, the beautiful Crocker Art Museum, and Fairytale Town. You can also spend a day shopping at places like Arden Fair or the Midtown Farmers Market. The town is also a good place to embark on road trips to Santa Fe, Denver and Reno.

Explore Pacifica, California, in an RVshare RV Rental

Pacifica is a peaceful city of around 38,000 people located on the Pacific Coast of California. Before European settlers arrived in the late 18th century, the area was home to two significant villages of the Ohlone people. The place where the city now lies was the earliest European discovery in San Francisco Bay. Pacifica became incorporated in 1957 as the union of nine previously separated communities.

The coastal city is known for its natural beauty, historical sites, and outdoor recreation opportunities. If you're looking to get outside and enjoy the beautiful oceanside weather, there are various scenic hiking trails where you can feel the cool breeze and look out over the water. Many visitors and residents also spend time surfing along the many miles of serene beaches, and others spend time working on their swing at the Sharp Park Golf Course. If you're a beginner surfer, Pacifica State Beach is the perfect place to get some practice. For a more leisurely experience, San Pedro Valley Park offers a relaxing spot to enjoy the picturesque nature in the area.

When it comes to indoor entertainment, the Pacifica Arts Center is one wonderful spot to enjoy a wide variety of performances and art exhibits. Another one of the most well-known landmarks in Pacifica is Sam's Castle, which features an eccentric 100-year history and can be explored via guided tour. When it comes to the best local cuisine, Puerto 27 is a delicious Peruvian restaurant that has been in the community for nearly 30 years. You'll definitely want to give their food a try during your stay, and you should also visit other tasty spots like Nick's Rockaway and the Moonraker restaurant. 

The area also boasts the thriving Coastside Farmers Market where you can shop for a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as flowers, handcrafted artwork, and even skin and health care products. Because of Pacifica's proximity to San Francisco, visitors will also have convenient access to all the amazing landmarks and attractions that the nearby city has to offer.

Discover Nearby Towns and Cities

San Mateo, California – San Mateo is located just 23 minutes southeast of Pacifica, and the affluent Bay Area city features many lodging, dining, and retail destinations. Visitors to the city will also find plenty of scenic parks and opportunities for outdoor activities.

  • 150+ Restaurants
  • 40+ Gas Stations
  • 6 RV Parks
  • 7 Nearby Dump Stations
  • 11 Museums
  • 1 Nearby Rest Area
  • 2 Nearby State Parks
  • 40+ Nearby Parks

Oakland, California – Located just a half-hour east of Pacifica across the San Francisco Bay, Oakland is a bustling city with a plethora of dining, entertainment, and outdoor options. The city is bordered by the water on one side and several beautiful regional parks and preserves on the other.

  • 125+ Restaurants
  • 100+ Gas Stations
  • 15+ RV Parks
  • 10+ Nearby Dump Stations
  • 10+ Museums
  • 1 Nearby Rest Area
  • 80+ Nearby Parks
  • 1 International Airport

Popular National Parks Near Pacifica, California

Pinnacles National Park is about 100 miles southeast of Pacifica, and it is one of the most scenic areas for wildlife observation in the country. The park is most known for its landscape of towering pinnacle rock formations, which were formed through volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Visitors will want to bring a flashlight and check out the park's bat caves, and they will also have the chance to hike, camp, and rock climb. There are several small towns in the area around the park that offer food, shopping, and lodging.

The famous Yosemite National Park comprises 1,200 acres of diverse and beautiful landscape. In this Central California park four hours east of Pacifica, visitors will encounter wilderness, high cliffs, waterfalls, and ancient sequoia trees. You will want to make sure you check out popular spots like the majestic Yosemite Falls and the spectacular Half Dome. The park features scheduled events year-round, and some of the available activities include river rafting, hiking, and camping. For those seeking winter recreation, there is also a ski and snowboard resort on site.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is located four hours northeast of Pacifica in Northern California and, as you may guess, is known for its fascinating volcanic activity and features. The park features numerous volcanoes, geysers, bubbling mud pots, and steaming fumaroles. Visitors will also find jagged peaks, wildflowers, and crystal-clear lakes, which goes to show how diverse the area is. One popular spot in the park is the Drakesbad Guest Ranch, which is found in Warner Valley and enables visitors to soak in a hydrothermal pool, go horseback riding, and enjoy several other activities.

Best State Parks Near Pacifica, California

There are several beautiful state parks within a relatively short drive of Pacifica, and one of these destinations is Half Moon Bay State Park. The park, which is about 23 minutes south of Pacifica, features 181 acres of protected beach land, which comprises several separate beaches along the Pacific Coast. The park is a perfect haven for water activities of all kinds, and it's also great if you just want to relax in the sunshine. The on-site campground offers campsites for $35 per night and features dump stations, restrooms, showers, and potable water.

Portola Redwoods State Park is comprised mostly of a large ravine filled with majestic redwood trees. The park features peaceful trails, which are perfect for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The park is located about an hour northeast of Pacifica.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park can be found a couple of hours south of Pacifica along the western coast of California, and the scenic park consists mostly of lush, forested area. The park's majestic, tall redwoods are truly unforgettable, and the 80 miles of trails can be used for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Visitors to the park will also encounter misty waterfalls and breathtaking vistas. There are four separate campgrounds in the park, and each of them charges $35 per night for a campsite. 

Popular Monuments and Landmarks Near Pacifica, California

Some historical and breathtaking California monuments and landmarks are located in or near Pacifica. The San Francisco Bay Discovery Site Plaque is located 27 minutes north of Pacifica and marks the discovery of San Francisco Bay by the Spanish military officer Gaspar de Portolá in 1769. The Broderick-Terry Duel Site, 12 minutes north in Lake Merced, commemorates the spot where California Senator David C. Broderick and David S. Terry, ex-chief justice of the Supreme Court of California, dueled over the issue of slavery. The site consists of two stone obelisks that show where the two men stood. The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge is also located very close to Pacifica, and anyone who visits California should make a point to drive or walk across it at least once as it's a truly memorable experience. There is a point on the San Francisco side that makes a great spot for selfies with the bridge in the background.

Upcoming Events Near Pacifica, California

  • Devil's Slide Saunter – This hiking event takes place at the Devil's Slide Trail in Pacifica. It takes place in January and requires reservations to participate in the group hike along the beautiful coastal trail.
  • Noise Pop Festival – This annual event in San Francisco features a variety of independent music and arts. The event has been going for nearly 30 years and takes place in mid-to-late February.
  • Pacifica Runners New Year's Eve 5K – This 5K race takes place on New Year's Eve each year at Rockaway Beach in Pacifica.

Popular POI Activities Near Pacifica, California

  • Sweeney Ridge Trail – Sweeney Ridge Trail is a 7.7-mile, out-and-back trail near San Bruno, CA about 12 minutes northeast of Pacifica. The trail is great for hiking, mountain biking, running, and bird-watching.
  • Tennessee Valley Trail – Located within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, approximately 25 minutes north of Pacifica, the Tennessee Valley Trail is a 3.4-mile, out-and-back route. Visitors to the trail can participate in hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, or swimming off the shores of Tennessee Beach.
  • Richardson Bay – Richardson Bay is located across the Golden Gate Bridge about 34 minutes north of Pacifica, and the large body of water can be used for activities like boating, fishing, and water sports.

RVshare's Top Picks for Nearby RV Parks and Campgrounds

San Francisco RV Resort features 188 RV sites along the shores of the Pacific Ocean. These are all pull-through sites that feature full hookups. Another lodging option is the Coyote Point Recreation Area in San Mateo, which offers four RV sites with full hookups, a saltwater marsh trail, and a science and exposition museum. If you're in the Half Moon Bay area, which is 23 minutes south of Pacifica, you can stay at Pelican Point RV Park. It features 75 RV sites for $84 per night and is within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and golf courses.

Best RV Dump Stations Near Pacifica, California

If you need access to dumping services during your RV travels, the greater Pacifica area features more than 40 options. Half Moon Bay State Beach is open year-round and charges guests $10 to use its dump station. Sandy Beach County Park in Rio Vista, which is an hour and 16 minutes northeast of Pacifica, is also open year-round, and its dump services will cost you $15. If you're looking for a free dump station, the Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District facility, 44 minutes northeast of Pacifica, is open Monday through Friday all year, and there is no charge to dump your tanks.

Popular RV Storage Facilities Near Pacifica, California

Any facility you use to store your RV should be secure and protected. One good option near Pacifica is the award-winning Alameda Point Storage, which features an outdoor fenced-in lot for RV storage. It is located in Alameda, which is 30 minutes northeast of Pacifica, and can store any type of RV. Coyote Storage in San Jose is another reputable storage facility. It allows customers 24-hour access to the facility, and security cameras constantly keep watch over the property. The establishment is also located conveniently close to many state and regional parks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Renting an RV Near Pacifica, CA

How much does it cost to rent an RV in Pacifica?

Motorhomes are divided into Class A, B, and C vehicles. On average expect to pay $185 per night for Class A, $149 per night for Class B and $179 per night for Class C. Towable RVs include 5th Wheel, Travel Trailers, Popups, and Toy Hauler. On average, in Pacifica, CA, the 5th Wheel trailer starts at $70 per night. Pricing for the Travel Trailer begins at $60 per night, and the Popup Trailer starts at $65 per night.

Do you need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Pacifica?

Yes. The minimum age is 25 to be eligible to get an RV Rental in Pacifica from RVshare.

Does RVshare have emergency roadside assistance?

Yes. Every RV rental booked through RVshare receives 24/7 emergency roadside assistance.

Does RVshare offer one way RV rentals in Pacifica?

Yes. Prior to renting any RV, check with the owner since not all will offer this particular option.

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Although not as big and well-known as San Francisco or Oakland, Daily City is a great place to hang out in the SF Bay Area, especially after a long road trip or after spending time camping. While there, you can relax and enjoy some of the city’s attractions, such as Mussel Rock Park and Bad Axe Throwing. If you need an RV, you can easily find RVs for sale in and around Daily City. Additionally, storage options for your RV abound, which include covered, indoor, and outside parking, and they’re located near major highways and cities, so you’ll have easy access to your RV and will be close to services. Because it rains 19 inches each year, you may want to opt for covered or indoor storage during the rainy months. Keep reading for the top ten storage facilities in and around Daily City, which are listed in no specific order, seeing each facility has its own strengths. 
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