Roadtrip with RVshare Phoenix to Denver

Your Phoenix to Denver road trip will take you through the gorgeous landscape of Utah. This land is home to some of the best national parks in the country and offers amazing opportunities for picnics and quality time with the family. You will also come across Vail, Colorado, and you can enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities here, such as skiing, hiking, and camping. You can also stop in small villages and towns near Vail and enjoy a wine tasting experience in private vineyards. 

Phoenix to Denver Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: Your Phoenix to Denver road trip will take you approximately 13 hours and 12 minutes.
  • Mileage: The distance between Phoenix and Denver is 850 miles.
  • Fun Fact: The road trip from Phoenix to Denver will bring you to Vail, a famous ski town in the middle of Colorado. The highest point in this town is at a massive height of 12,250 feet and is perfect for skiing down the mountain.

Nearby National Parks

If you are looking to make the most out of your road trip from Phoenix to Denver, you can take some time out and visit the majestic national parks along the way. Your family will be able to participate in various activities, such as biking, hiking, fishing, and boating in these parks. Moreover, these national parks will also offer kid-friendly activities. This will allow you to relax and enjoy your favorite beverage while your kids run around the park and enjoy themselves.

Arches National Park

Arches National Park is among the most beautiful national parks in Utah and offers 100 square miles of sheer fun and excitement at your disposal. It is home to more than 2,000 natural stone arches that serve as the main feature of this park. You will find this national park by the town of Moab during your Phoenix to Denver RV road trip. Arches National Park is a brilliant testimonial of the beauty of our planet. Moreover, it is also an amazing spot for families to have a picnic, camp out, gaze out at the starry night sky, and take memorable pictures.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park is yet another stunning national park that is located in Utah. Canyonlands covers an area of 520 square miles. This park is a powerful statement of Utah’s true beauty and offers eye-catching rock formations, giant canyons, and different desert ecosystems in one place. If your family is interested in exploring the power of nature, this should definitely be a stop on your road trip itinerary from Phoenix to Denver. This park will also allow you to witness the iconic intersection between Colorado and Green rivers at the Colorado Plateau.

Grand Canyon National Park

You must have heard of the Grand Canyon National Park at least once in your life. It is easily one of the most famous and beautiful parks in this region and is home to some of the most remarkable canyons in the country. With over 1.2 million acres to its name, this park brings millions of visitors every year. You can go hiking, camping, or go boating in the Colorado River in this park.

Nearby State Parks

If you are looking to stay at amazing state parks during your Phoenix to Denver road trip, you will find plenty of options. 

Alamo Lake State Park

Alamo Lake State Park was opened to the public in 1969, and it has been in service since then. It is home to Alamo Lake, which is manmade. It was created with the help of severe flooding. You can go fishing, boating, and swimming in this lake during your Phoenix to Denver road trip. If you are interested in exploring the land, there are guided wildlife watching tours in this park.

Lyman Lake State Park

Lyman Lake State Park is another beautiful state park in Arizona, and you will find it during your road trip from Phoenix to Denver. It is also home to a manmade lake that was created as a reservoir by damming the Little Colorado River. Lyman Lake State Park was the first state park to be opened in Arizona, and the lake covers an area of 1,500 acres. Moreover, this is the only lake in Arizona without any restrictions on the boat sizes allowed on it. There are 23 tent camping sites and 38 RV sites that will serve an ideal spot for you during your Phoenix to Denver RV road trip.

Patagonia Lake State Park

Patagonia Lake State Park is home to a 250-acre lake that is among the most magnificent lakes for camping, picnicking, and fishing. This is a manmade lake that is a result of damming the Sonoita Creek. It is home to several species of fish and colorful events throughout the year, such as the annual mariachi band festival.

Along the Way

Walnut Canyon National Monument

This stunning United States National Monument is located near Interstate 40 and is 6,690 feet high. Walnut Canyon National Monument also offers a junior ranger program for families traveling with kids. This is a great way to learn about the native inhabitants of the land as there are 25 cliff dwellings on display here that are easy for visitors to interact with, and others can be seen nearby. These homes are well-preserved and provide visitors with a glimpse into ancient pueblo life.

Arizona Snowbowl

Arizona Snowbowl is one of the best ski destinations in the nation, and you can easily find it on your Phoenix to Denver RV road trip. It offers fantastic views from the top, and the skiing trail is also a smooth one. The staff is friendly, and the chairlift is open to visitors year-round. There are regular skiing and snowboarding events in the winter season that are worth checking out.

Lowell Observatory

The world-famous Lowell Observatory is in Flagstaff and is one of the oldest observatories in the nation. If you are traveling with kids, this observatory will be a perfect stop for you. It is also among the top 100 important places in the world. Lowell Observatory was founded by Percival Lowell of Boston's Lowell family and is well-preserved to this date. This National Historic Landmark is a must-see stop during your road trip from Phoenix to Denver.

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Flagstaff, AZ

This city is home to Northern Arizona University and is brimming with young people. Therefore, there are hundreds of exciting opportunities for travelers, such as pine forest tours, skiing in the Arizona Snowbowl, and exploring the local landscapes. You can visit the Wupatki National Monument or the Walnut Canyon National Monument with your family and make a day out of it.

Woody Mountain RV Park & Campground is one of the first and most amazing campgrounds in Flagstaff that will offer you RV electrical hookup and a dumping station. It is only six minutes away from the city and offers everything from Wi-Fi to hot showers.

Payson, AZ

Located in the center of the state of Arizona, this small town is called the “Heart of Arizona.” You can visit the Tonto National Forest around the city and go camping in the beautiful woods. There are also guided tours in these woods throughout the year.

Payson Campground & RV Resort is an ideal RV park if you are looking for a place that is walking distance from all the local stores and offers a dumping station for your RV. You will find it in the center of the city during your Phoenix to Denver road trip. There are also a multitude of dump stations in Arizona for your convenience.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is one of the last cities that you will come across during your road trip from Phoenix to Denver. It is in proximity to the United States Air Force Academy and as a result, boasts a large population of veterans and active-duty service people. It offers some of the most geographically diverse national parks for visitors, and there are many RV service depots that offer dump stations.

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If you are taking a road trip from Phoenix to Denver, you should have a proper itinerary planned in advance. This way, you will be able to easily make time for all the amazing spots along the way. You can also rent an RV from RVshare.com for a comfortable road trip from Phoenix to Denver. It will be a memorable trip that will stay in your mind for years to come.

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