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You'll encounter outdoor recreational opportunities at several stopping points when you embark on a Flagstaff to Provo road trip. During this trip, you'll also get to sharpen your cultural knowledge of the Old West by visiting historic towns like Cameron and Kanab. It's a wonderful journey that will take you through two or three (depending on your route) national forests. Furthermore, Flagstaff and Provo have some excellent restaurants and cafes to cater to your gastronomic desires.

Flagstaff to Provo Road Trip Itinerary

  • Trip Length: 7 hours 36 minutes
  • Mileage: 475 miles
  • Fun Fact: Provo was nicknamed "The Garden City" because of the large-scale fruit orchards, gardens, and trees planted by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Nearby National Parks

Petrified Forest National Park

Located approximately 30 minutes east of Flagstaff, the Petrified Forest National Park is a great first point of call as you embark on your journey. Millions of years ago, this area was a lush forest that became a desert. The organic material in the wood from the forest turned into minerals as it decayed, and the result is a field of stunning rocks that look like tree trunks and pieces of wood. You can enjoy beautiful nature strolls and refreshing hikes on a wide variety of designated trails. Back-country camping is another thrilling adventure available at the park.

Grand Canyon National Park

The southern rim of the world-famous Grand Canyon National Park is an attraction within reach of Flagstaff — about 80 miles to the northwest in Arizona. If hiking and sightseeing are among your favorite escapades, then the Grand Canyon is certainly a bucket-list location. Enjoy the sunset views from the accessible south rim for a truly memorable experience. If you're truly the outdoors type, try hiking down into the canyon. Just be sure to bring plenty of water and prepare for the more strenuous hike back up.

Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park in Utah is one of the top attractions located along your route; it's roughly two hours east of Panguitch. While at the park, you can participate in various programs and activities led by dedicated rangers to understand the iconic landscape from an enhanced perspective. Some of the most notable landmarks at Capitol Reef include the Chimney Rock pillar, the Hickman Bridge arch, and Cathedral Valley.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Located half an hour east of Hatch, Bryce Canyon National Park is known for its unique rock formations called hoodoos. You can take in the spectacular views of these crimson-colored, spire-shaped rock formations covering expansive landscapes. Given the park's relatively remote location, crowding there is minimal, giving you all the space that you need to enjoy the scenery. For your Instagram photos and creating long-term memories, visit the Bryce Amphitheatre for an unforgettable scenic background. 

Nearby State Parks

Sand Hollow State Park

Once you reach Kanab over the border in Utah, you can turn westward to Sand Hollow State Park, which is only one hour and 16 minutes away. The park offers a warm water reservoir with enticing sandy beaches. Along with boating or fishing, you may engage in horseback and ATV riding as well as hiking along the rolling acres of dunes. Additionally, you can set up a camping site within the grounds if you so wish.

Fremont Indian State Park

Located only 23 miles east of Sulphurdale, Fremont Indian State Park offers you the longest ATV trail in the world. For a historical lesson on ancient Indian tribes, explore the park museums. Plus, there are pictographs and petroglyphs that you won't want to miss. You will enjoy the privacy offered by the campground for you and your family and friends when you're ready to bed down for the night.

Yuba State Park

While driving on the I-15, Yuba State Park is about five miles off to your east off exit 202. The park offers various activities for your whole entourage, including beach camping, swimming, fishing, recreational boating, zip-lining, bird watching, and hiking. Within the park is Yuba Lake, which offers an excellent spot for fun water sports and activities with your friends too. 

Along the Way

Lake Powell

While on your road trip from Flagstaff to Provo, you might want to stop over at Lake Powell to cool off. Lake Powell is a manmade body of water on the Colorado River located across the state line between Arizona and Utah. Recreation activities that are popular at the lake include boating, fishing, kayaking, and hiking on the various trails available nearby. You are free to check into this vacation spot facility any day since it is open all year long. 

Red Canyon

Numerous unique formations of red rock intermingled with stands of ponderosa pine offer spectacular scenery on your visit to Red Canyon. You will find this site within the Dixie National Forest on your way to Provo. When driving around this area, note the Casto Canyon trail that allows for off-road vehicles while the nearby foot trails offer a peaceful hiking experience.

Cove Fort Historic Site

You will find the Cove Fort historic site between Beaver and Filmore, approximately an hour and 15 minutes from Red Canyon. Get to learn more about the site's past as a central way station for travelers in the late 19th century that served as protection from the warring Native American tribes. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints runs the site and offers tours to visitors. 

Main Cities You Will Pass Through

Cameron, Arizona

Cameron in northern Arizona functions primarily as a waypoint for folks traveling around the Grand Canyon or between Flagstaff and Page. Therefore, you can access the various camping sites around the Grand Canyon easily from Cameron, such as the Desert View campground, and also a number of dump stations. This area is perfect for visitors who prefer remote dwellings far from bustling crowds. Other tourist activities that you can indulge in Cameron include visiting the city's historic Tanner's Crossing bridge, the Little Colorado River gorge, the Painted Desert Project, and learning more about the Navajo culture and way of life.

Kanab, Utah

As soon as you cross into Utah, you will encounter the city of Kanab off route 89. This city is practically a suburb of St. George as it's only a half-hour away. Campgrounds and dump stations in the towns of Hurricane and St. George offer a welcome respite to those who want to take the time to enjoy Kanab's interesting attractions. You'll want to save time to explore the Kanab Heritage House museum, have a picnic at the Jacob Hamblin Park, view art at the Raven's Heart Gallery, and stop by the Little Hollywood Museum.

Mt. Carmel Junction, Utah

The city of Mt. Carmel Junction is 17 miles north of Kanab on your Flagstaff to Provo route. From this city, you can access the town of Springdale, located right next to the Zion National Park. At Springdale, you will encounter such amenities as dump stations, a laundromat, and campgrounds that are easily accessible near Zion National Park. Once you arrive at Mt. Carmel junction, turn west and drive roughly 12 miles southwest to get to Springdale.

Hatch, Utah

The Escalante Petrified Forest dump station is accessible via exit 12 between the towns of Hatch and Panguitch along your main route. Once you turn east on the exit, drive straight past Bryce Canyon to get to your destination. Note that this site charges a small fee for the use of its dump station, but it's well worth the stop to keep your rig tidy on your Flagstaff to Provo RV road trip. Hatch is within reach of several hiking trails and, as a result, offers several campgrounds as well as several rental centers for ATVs and other relevant hiking and outdoor equipment. While driving from Hatch to Escalante, you may explore the Mammoth and Mossy caves, tour the Lucky 7 and Riverside ranches as well as visit the Red Canyon arch.

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