Gauley River National Recreation Area

The Gauley River National Recreation Area encompasses 25 miles of the Gauley River and six miles of the Meadow River. Flowing through a deep and scenic gorge, the Gauley River National Recreation Area is filled with diverse vegetation and abundant wildlife. While the Gauley River is a great place to spend a day fishing, it is perhaps best known for its white-water rafting. Dropping more than 668 feet over 25 miles of rough landscape, the Gauley River has some of the most intense white-water rafting runs in the nation. Adventurers from all over the world come to the Gauley River to test their skills against the exhilarating rapids. 

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Things To Do Near Gauley River National Recreation Area

From hiking to sightseeing to whitewater rafting, you will never get bored at the Gauley River National Recreation area. Visiting this area by RV is a great way to explore everything the area has to offer while bringing the comforts of home with you. When you are ready to explore the surrounding areas and visit local shops, restaurants, and museums, simply load up your RV and head to your next destination. 

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How To Get To Gauley River National Recreation Area

The main entrance is located on US Route 19 between Summersville and Fayetteville. Turn off US Route 19 onto WV Route 129 toward Summersville Dam. After crossing the dam, take the second left and follow the signs for the Gauley River.  There are three other public entrances to the Gauley River, all located on the river right:  Mason's Branch – Take WV Route 129 toward the Summersville Dam. Continue for 9.9 miles and take a left onto Panther Mountain Road in Poe. Continue for 3.7 miles and turn left. The parking and boat launch areas are about a mile from the turn.  Wood's Ferry – Wood's Ferry public access is located on Panther Mountain Road, roughly 2.1 miles past Mason's Branch.  Upper Swiss – Take WV Route 129 West to Drennen. Turn left onto Route 39 in Drennen. Continue on Route 39 for 10 miles. Turn left onto South Swiss Road. Continue for approximately one mile until the road forks. Take the right branch that crosses the railroad tracks. Caution is advised as these roads are narrow and have sharp turns and poor visibility.  The Gauley River National Recreation Area is open all day every day year-round. The official boating season is from early September through mid-October. Boating and whitewater rafting may be possible at other times throughout the year, depending on water releases from the Summersville Dam. 


36 Fayette Station Rd, Victor, WV 25938

Fee: Entry Fee (per person) There is no entry fee.

Located near the New River Gorge and the Bluestone River, The Gauley River National Recreation Area is a perfect stop on your RV tour through this scenic part of southern West Virginia. The Gauley River itself provides opportunities for watching nature, fishing, and white water rafting through over 100 thrilling rapids. Whether you're looking to relax and enjoy nature, take in a little history and culture, or get your adrenaline pumping on the river, the Gauley River National Recreation Area is the place to do it all.