Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Midland, Texas

The great open plains around Midland, Texas, call out to RV travelers. Whether you’re interested in visiting sites like Permian Basin Petroleum Museum or simply love the views of oil rigs throughout the landscape, Midland is the perfect place to visit. It’s a must-see stop during a Texas RV road trip.

If you plan to visit, you can rent an RV near Midland. You’ll then be all set to stay at any of the following Midland campgrounds.

Midland RV Park

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Midland RV Park is the only Midland, Texas, campground that is located within the city limits. The park opened 40 years ago and has continuously operated since then. Midland RV Park is also the only campground within the Midland zip code that is hooked up to the city’s water system.

Why You’ll Love Midland RV Park

Midland RV Park is within an easy walking distance of Midland’s city center and many other attractions. The I-20 Wildlife Preserve and Jen Welch ture Study Center are across the street. Be sure to check out events like the Commemorative Air Force Museum Airshow and Tall City Blues Fest if you want to experience the local entertainment scene.

What People Are Saying About Midland RV Park

“Staff was very friendly. Roads and sites are all dirt and gravel, but it is Midland. Lots of grassy areas, though, and two dog runs. The one I used has a lot of thick, green grass, and it looks like they water it a lot. My dog loved it.” – James, Yelp Review

“Best place to stay in Midland. They had both the pull-through and back-ins. Very quiet. Excellent dog park. Security cameras all over the campground. Very helpful and friendly office staff.” – Wanda, RV Park Review

Lucky Star RV Park

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Lucky Star RV Park is just within the Midland zip code. Situated outside the city limits and off the highway, this RV park gets you away from the bustle of city life. The newest of the Midland campgrounds, Lucky Star RV Park provides up-to-date amenities.

Why You’ll Love Lucky Star RV Park

While there are some great open spaces in Texas, you never have to worry about an RV or truck breakdown in this area. At Lucky Star RV Park, there is an RV maintence facility that works not only on RVs but also on tow vehicles. The new facilities offer you 24/7 amenities that let you lie back and relax.

What People Are Saying About Lucky Star RV Park

“I would give this park 10 stars if I could. The facilities are well maintained and clean. The whole experience from the reservation forward was hassle-free, and WendyLynn made us feel so comfortable and important.” – Samantha, Facebook Review

“Very friendly and helpful staff works really hard to accommodate you in any way they can.” – Matt, Facebook Review

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Palms of Paradise RV Park

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This RV campground near Midland, Texas, is worth checking out if you’re looking for a great deal. Located a mere 11 miles from Midland, this RV park offers several amenities. The campground lies beside Gardendale, where restaurants, theaters, and gyms are available.

Why You’ll Love Palms of Paradise RV Park

The magement at this park makes every effort to provide a comfortable and entertaining stay for all campers. Trees are planted everywhere, staff regularly cleans the sites, and the electric and Wi-Fi connections are dependable. The campground holds regular events, such as barbecues, potlucks, game nights, and holiday parties.

What People Are Saying About Palms of Paradise RV Park

“I absolutely love this place!! It’s like a second home to us now!! It is well maged and worth every penny! Very happy to have found this place!” – Sonya, Facebook Review

“Palms of Paradise RV park in Gardendale is super clean.” – Tara, Facebook Review

Mesquite Oasis RV Park

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Mesquite Oasis RV Park is one of the highest-rated RV parks near Midland. The campground is situated just outside of Odessa, which is a mere 23 miles from Midland. There are security cameras placed around Mesquite Oasis RV Park to provide a safe and secure environment for campers.

Why You’ll Love Mesquite Oasis RV Park

Mesquite Oasis RV Park is connected to the Odessa water system, so your water needs will be met without worries. In the rec room, you will find a gymnasium with free access to basketball, volleyball, and indoor tennis courts. Nearby, there are golf courses, several museums, and theaters.

What People Are Saying About Mesquite Oasis RV Park

“I am always proud to say where we stay at when asked. Mesquite Oasis is run by a thoughtful and caring family who have their residents’ best interest at heart. I have two kiddos that love the playground and wide-open spaces throughout the property. There is a very large playground, a gym, a walking tour ‘trail,’ dog park/run, laundry room, rec room, basketball/volleyball court, catch-and-release pond with ducks, and a fountain that has multicolored changing lights.” – Rosemarie, Facebook Review

“We have been here three days. Everyone is so nice, and it is clean. I really like it here and will be back.” – Mary, Facebook Review

Midessa Oil Patch RV Park

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Midessa Oil Patch RV Park is a trailer park near Midland, Texas, that fosters a family-oriented environment. Located in the oil-rich environment of the Permian Basin, the park is situated in and around working oilrigs. Midessa Oil Patch RV Park is a must-visit for those who are interested in the history of oil in the U.S.

Why You’ll Love Midessa Oil Patch RV Park

Midessa Oil Patch RV Park provides every amenity you can imagine. The park is unique in that it operates alongside working oil rigs. There are large sites and expansive recreational areas, and it is close to sights such as the replica of Stonehenge.

What People Are Saying About Midessa Oil Patch RV Park

“The owners keep this park in remarkably good shape, focusing on watering the grass in the playgrounds and enclosed pet park, which my little dog and I loved. I’d stay here again. The owners provide bottled water due to the ‘high’ (how high is high) nitrate level in the water– a nice accommodation. The rates are more than fair. God bless the owners, who live on-site. And their pride of ownership is evident. And there are plenty of trees, offering some relief from the sun.” – Jim, Yelp Review

“Stopped for the night in our 32-foot motorhome towing a car. The staff at the front desk is very pleasant. They gave us a case of water when we checked in because of the nitrates in the water. The park is well maintained with a grassy, fenced play area and dog run. There are shade trees at each side.” – Donna, Yelp Review

Pioneer RV Park

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For some fun RV camping near Midland, visit Pioneer RV Park in Big Spring. Though the park is small, it is central to all the attractions in the area. Fishing, football, and hunting await the eager RV enthusiasts that come to this small RV park

Why You’ll Love Pioneer RV Park

When you visit the Pioneer RV Park, you will be joining a small community of intrepid adventurers. Join in on the hikes or go boating. The fishing is exemplary, and you are close to Big Spring with all its urban amenities.

What People Are Saying About Pioneer RV Park

“This is a very plain CG. It is about 1/4 mile off of the interstate, so noise is not a problem. Like a lot of the West Texas CGs, it is mostly full of workers living here, but it has not taken on the trashy look that most CGs do when full of workers. The couple who owns it is very nice.” – Jan, RV Park Review

“Great place to stop when crossing Texas. Very clean, quiet, and easy to get on/off the I-20.” – Larry, RV Park Review

Texas RV Park of Big Spring

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RV parks in the Midland, Texas, area include a few that are isolated from the hubbub of urban life, and one of these locations is Texas RV Park of Big Spring. It is located four miles south of I-20, so the noise of the freeway is a distant memory. Since it is situated on the flat land of West Texas, the big sky dominates every horizon.

Why You’ll Love Texas RV Park of Big Spring

If you want to get away from it all for a few days, this is the place to visit. The big Texas sky welcomes all who come here. If you are warm, visit the Family Aquatic Center in Big Spring for a quick dip to cool off. Otherwise, just sit, enjoy the stars, and recuperate from the aches and pains inflicted by your working life.

What People Are Saying About Texas RV Park of Big Spring

“The campground is easy to find and close to major highways for easy access. It is a good place to get off the road. This was our first time here and will use it again as we travel through this area of Texas. The campground is not a member of any RV clubs, but they will give you a discount just for traveling in Texas.” – Fran, RV Park Review

“This is a nice RV park. We stayed here in transit to New Mexico. We liked it so much; we stayed again on our return trip to Texas. The lady at the front desk was extremely helpful. She filled our propane tank for us and was very customer oriented. The laundry was clean. We would stay here again.” – Judy, RV Park Review

West Texas Friendly RV Park

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When trying to figure out which RV parks in the Midland, Texas, area to visit, do not overlook West Texas Friendly RV Park. The staff members live up to the name by offering a big Texas welcome to all guests. Located near Big Spring, Texas, this park offers the basic amenities, and the staff makes up for anything that is lacking with enthusiasm.

Why You’ll Love West Texas Friendly RV Park

West Texas Friendly RV Park is a new facility. It was built in 2013, and it is clean and quiet. Spread out over a 20-acre area, the park features large sites that can handle any length of RV.

What People Are Saying About West Texas Friendly RV Park

“This was a good experience. This park is very clean with long pull-through. People were awesome. Full hookups, and they all worked, even the cable TV.” – Curt, RV Park Review

“These people are amazing and will work with you till the end. Thank you so much for helping us with everything.” – Kimberly, Facebook Review

South Haven RV Park

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One of the communities with the most opportunities for RV camping near Midland is Big Spring. South Haven RV Park is a bit smaller than a lot of campgrounds in Texas, but that does not make it less appealing to the RV adventurer. The park intends to preserve as much of the natural habitat as possible, making it a personal haven of sorts for any that stay there.

Why You’ll Love South Haven RV Park

The sites at South Haven RV Park can accommodate RVs as long as 90 feet. Despite all the RV accommodations, the wildlife surrounding the campground remains undisturbed as birds and deer often venture onto the premises. The rolling hills give the impression of isolation from civilization, and the sunsets are magnificent.

What People Are Saying About South Haven RV Park

“I loved South Haven! I recently stayed here as part of my two-week RV road trip, and it was absolute heaven! The owners are so nice and accommodating. I loved the fact that they have Wi-Fi hookups so that I could still connect to my email (even though I hardly looked at it after arrival at the park!) I will definitely come back through here on my next RV road trip. Thanks, South Haven.” – Leslie, Yelp Review

“We absolutely loved South Haven. The owners were very friendly and nice to my kids. They have a nice laundry facility. The Wi-Fi was good. Stopped for one night on our road trip and was wonderfully surprised! We would be happy to come again.” – Lorna, Yelp Review

Moss Creek Lake

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Tucked away in the hills above Big Spring is the smallest campground on the Midland RV park map. Moss Creek Lake features 26 sheltered sites for RV campers. The sites are widely spaced to ensure privacy.

Why You’ll Love Moss Creek Lake

The amenities are few at Moss Creek Lake, and the campsites are about as rustic as you are going to find in Texas. However, the views of the 400-acre man-made lake and the natural shade provided by the trees more than compensate for the lack of amenities. The catfishing is excellent.

What People Are Saying About Moss Creek Lake

“A good place for picnicking or camping, with or without electricity. The kids have a great time fishing. Some folks have even caught some really large catfish, but I haven’t been so lucky. There’s no wake boating, so no skiing or horseplay on the water.” – Dale, TripAdvisor Review

“I loved this place. The staff was very friendly and outgoing. The place is beautiful.” – Cora, TripAdvisor Review

Black Scorpion RV Park

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Black Scorpion RV Park is a long/short term RV park in a secure, quiet setting. They are conveniently located in east Midland Texas, minutes from loop 250 and I-20. A short 8-10 minute drive from the mall, grocery stores and restaurants. 

Why You’ll Love Black Scorpion RV Park

They offer spacious area for large RVs and 2-3 cars. They have 30/50 amp & 110 plug for heated hose etc.. for each site. Community mailbox available for long term tenants. All utilities included: water, sewage, trash, electricity. They give personalized attention to each tenant. Tenants call the owners directly to their cell phone.

What People Are Saying About Black Scorpion RV Park

“Great place! We came in for the weekend, it was late so the fact that I was able to pay over the phone was very convenient. Many parks around this area are either closed on weekends and/or only take cash. Will definitely come back when we come through here again!” – Tina F.

“Our stay here has been great! My husband and I have been here for almost 2 years and we have never had a problem with anyone. Its quiet and very safe which is a big deal for me. Ms Mercedes is a very nice lady and she keeps the place clean.” – Rosa A.

In Summary

There are several other campgrounds near Midland, Texas, you can visit. If you are like many other RVers who want to spend years exploring Texas, your best bet may be to purchase an RV and store it while it’s not in use. This will keep it fresh and ready for your next excursion.

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