Top 10 Campgrounds and RV Parks Mena, AR

Mena, AR, is a beautiful city to visit and an even better place to explore. Perhaps best known for outdoor exploration, the area is home to some breathtaking scenery. Visitors can spend time taking in the sights offered by the two local state parks or enjoy the many recreational activities in the Ouachita National Forest or Ouachita National Recreational Trail. Historic museums, fine arts exhibits, beautiful city parks, and area lakes await those who RV in Mena, AR. Like the rest of Arkansas, the area is perfect for families, solo campers, and couples alike.

Coyote Canyon Campground

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The Coyote Canyon Campground is near 31 miles of trails featuring stunning mountain vistas and forest views. Catering specifically to ATV riders, certain areas are easily accessible to riders of all skill levels. These trails are open and accessible year-round, except for modern gun season, which runs from mid-November until December.

Why You’ll Love Coyote Canyon Campground

If you’re looking for RV parks, Me has many to choose from. However, only the Coyote Canyon Campground can give you such easy and year-round access to the Wolf Pen Gap Trails. The RV park is minutes from other beautiful parks, lakes, and rivers, making it perfect for everyone. If ATV rides aren’t your favorite way to spend a vacation, the campground is also home to fishing ponds and numerous events, such as movies under the stars.

What People Are Saying About Coyote Canyon Campground

“Extremely nice place and Melissa is very sweet! Well kept and was a very quiet relaxing stay. You can ride right down the road to the trails/back roads, and it’s a short drive to stores if need something extra!” – Nicole White, Google Review

“We love staying here, it’s a beautiful campground and Melissa is great!” – Debbie Weems, Google Review

Wolfpen ATV Campground & Cabins

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med after the nearby Wolf Pen Gap Trails, Wolfpen ATV Campground & Cabins is the first and largest campground serving the area. As a result, they’ve had years to perfect the camping experience for RV travelers and those who want to “rough it.” Owners of Wolfpen ATV Campground & Cabins pride themselves on offering the very best RV and camping experience to visitors.

Why You’ll Love Wolfpen ATV Campground & Cabins

The campground features numerous cabins, campsites, and RV hookup sites for visitors of all types. They also provide a small general store so that guests can have everything they need for a restful stay. With the Wolf Pen Gap trails just minutes away, there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your vacation the moment you arrive. For campers, the site offers numerous bathrooms and hot showers. Those who travel by RV can take advantage of the available full hookups, inexpensive rates, and Wi-Fi and cell phone reception.

What People Are Saying About Wolfpen ATV Campground & Cabins

“It was perfect. We heard the calming sound of the creek all night, and the weather was perfectly in the mid 70s overnight. In the morning, our kids played in the creek while we made breakfast. Then, we hopped on the ATVs and headed straight to the trails from the campsite. The trails are amazing as well!” – Katheryn Andrea Sebastien-Roberts, Google Review

“Wolf Pen is a great place to go ride and hang out with friends and family, I been probably 15 times to ride there and every time I don’t want to leave.”

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Crying Eagle Resort

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Crying Eagle Resort is one of the top-rated Me, AR, campgrounds and RV sites. One of the best features of the site is its proximity to numerous activities, including fishing, hiking, and hunting. Unlike other sites that are close to one or two attractions, Crying Eagle Resort puts visitors just minutes away from state parks, crystal mines, antique shops and restaurants.

Why You’ll Love Crying Eagle Resort

Why You’ll Love Crying Eagle Resort Other campgrounds try to fit in as many campers, RV hookups, and cabins as possible. This makes for a crowded and often noisy setting. For many travelers, this can ruin the peace and quiet they seek. However, Crying Eagle Resort prioritizes visitor comfort over maximizing profits. They have a small and cozy site with only three cabins, limited campsites, and two RV hookups. As a result, visitors can get in touch with ture and truly enjoy the scenery.

What People Are Saying About Crying Eagle Resort

“Beautiful place, great host, everything was as advertised and better.” – Brandon Pfluger, Google Review

“Wonderful scenery.” – Jeff Thomas, Google Review

Rich Mountain Cabins

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Rich Mountain Cabins offers some of the best RV camping in Mena, Arkansas, for hunters. You’re sure to find a variety of wildlife in the surrounding area. Archery and bow hunting are also encouraged at the site, making it ideal for hunters of all types.

Why You’ll Love Rich Mountain Cabins

Rich Mountain Cabins is a beautiful resort that’s near the base of Rich Mountain and surrounded by Ouachita National Forest. The area is home to 23 acres of scenic nature trails, mountain vistas, and two on-site ponds. This resort is not just for hunters as it offers tons of organized outings and advice on the best unguided adventures. Families, solo campers, and couples can all find activities to enjoy while staying at this stunning resort. Hiking, fishing, boating, hunting, and horseback riding trails are also just minutes away.

What People Are Saying About Rich Mountain Cabins

“Awesome place! Went to this area in Arkansas for the first time, nice mountains and scenery. Will definitely make it back in there in the future!” – Veda Ashwin, Google Review

“Stayed there last weekend and loved it. The place was nice, clean, the location is great and the manager is very kind and friendly.” – Efi Marco, Google Review

Hanson’s Camp Wolf Creek

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The biggest draw to Hanson’s Camp Wolf Creek is the abundance of riding trails available. Visitors can access ATV, mountain bike, cross country biking, and hiking trails. There are also approximately 20 acres of mixed riding terrain immediately surrounding the park, giving families with young children a chance to let them work off some energy between meals or after they’ve hit the trails.

Why You’ll Love Hanson’s Camp Wolf Creek

If you enjoy getting out and exploring nature through stunning trails, Hanson’s Camp Wolf Creek is one of the best Mena campgrounds for you. There are paths and trails of all sorts located just minutes away from the campsite, giving you instant access to your passion. If you were unable to bring your own ATV, Ouachita Mountain rentals are available and can be coordinated through the camp.

What People Are Saying About Hanson’s Camp Wolf Creek

“Love this place. The staff’s super nice! We have been camping here for several years and plan to keep coming back.” – Louis Burr, Facebook Review

“We are definitely staying here again when we come back to Mena!” – Ashley Lee, Facebook Review

Willowbrook Cabins & RV

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Visitors to Willowbrook Cabins & RV will notice one thing right away — tranquility. Willowbrook gives visitors a haven and peaceful getaway, with cabins and RV spots surrounded by trees, beautiful flowers, and rustic lighting. Families, couples, and individuals searching for one of the most soothing Mena campsites can find everything they need at Willowbrook.

Why You’ll Love Willowbrook Cabins & RV

Willowbrook offers visitors a tranquil piece of paradise while on vacation. The site is a very close drive to the Wolf Pen ATV trails as well as other hiking and biking trails. You can enjoy a rough-and-tumble day out hiking, pushing yourself or enjoying the view, and then return to a calm and serene site where you can relax and reflect on your day. The area is family- and pet-friendly, but with enough privacy that guarantees no disruptions occur.

What People Are Saying About Willowbrook Cabins & RV

“Our granddaughter said this could be our second home, home away from home. We agree it is the perfect place to get away.” – Paula Seamans, Google Review

“Serene location, beautiful views.” – Prashant Nair, Google Review

Iron Mountain

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Iron Mountain is a stunning campsite run by the Christian Motorcyclists Association. The park is also home to meeting areas, cabins, and campsites. As a result, it has cultivated a reputation as being the perfect place to meet other like-minded travelers from across the country.

Why You’ll Love Iron Mountain

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast looking for campgrounds in Mena, AR, you’ll truly love Iron Mountain. Many other campsites in the area are developed for four-wheelers and ATVs in mind, not motorcycles. However, Iron Mountain is a project of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, meaning that it was designed with motorcycles in mind. The park isn’t just for motorcycles, though. There are tons of trails and beautiful nearby mountain scenery begging to be explored on foot. This makes it a fantastic destination for the whole family.

What People Are Saying About Iron Mountain

“Lovely place with lovely people!” – Bengt-Olov Soderkvist, Google Review

“Nice, clean, fun place to camp.” – Annette Wilhite, Google Review

4 Seasons RV Park

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Despite only being open since 2017, 4 Seasons RV Park has quickly earned itself a fantastic reputation for being one of the top RV parks in Mena, AR. This is mostly due to the hard work and friendly nature of the owners, who have developed a beautiful campground just minutes from Rich Mountain. Visitors speak highly of the service as well as the beautiful sites and convenient location.

Why You’ll Love 4 Seasons RV Park

Located close to many recreation areas, 4 Seasons RV Park is a slice of heaven in the middle of Arkansas. It is quite close to the Ouachita National Forest, making it perfect for those who love to bike, hike, or explore the woods. Even when you return to your campsite after an active day, you’ll still be surrounded by nature and views of the nearby Rich Mountain. The RV sites are spacious, big enough for a fifth wheel, and relatively private.

What People Are Saying About 4 Seasons RV Park

“Great place to stay. Friendly and helpful owners.” – Edward Froehner, Google Review

“Great and friendly people.” – Simone Vieira, Google Review

Queen Wilhelmina State Park

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RV enthusiasts and campers alike love this campground for its proximity to the state park itself as well as the tranquility that being emersed in nature can provide. Regardless of the season, Queen Wilhelmina State Park is a highly sought-after destination. Being able to park your AV just steps away from all that the park offers is the best way to spend a vacation.

Why You’ll Love Queen Wilhelmina State Park

The campground at Queen Wilhelmina State Park offers you nearly everything you need to enjoy nature. In addition to numerous but private campsites, the park also offers a modern bathhouse and hot showers to all visitors. Located just steps away from the state park, the campsite is ideal for those with young children.

What People Are Saying About Queen Wilhelmina State Park

“I have been coming here for 10 years and the trip is always worth it!” – Frank Bodenschatz, Google Review

“Best place for a little getaway.” – Chris Strange, Google Review

Shadow Mountain RV Park and Campground

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The biggest draw to Shadow Mountain RV Park is its proximity to numerous outdoor activities, including a variety of trail types. Visitors can enjoy ATV, motorcycle, equestrian, mountain biking, and hiking trails within minutes of the site. Since there is something for everyone, Shadow Mountain RV Park is the perfect getaway for the whole family.

Why You’ll Love Shadow Mountain RV Park and Campground

In addition to the availability of trails to explore, Shadow Mountain RV Park is well-known for its beautiful scenery. The campgrounds and cabins are surrounded by beautiful sights and stunning views of the open sky at night. Visitors can also expect to catch a glimpse of wildlife such as deer, geese, and wild turkeys. In addition, there’s a 3-acre lake with an abundance of bass, catfish, and bluegill just waiting to be caught. Campground owners often organize events at night, such as music jams and craft classes.

What People Are Saying About Shadow Mountain RV Park and Campground

“This campground is under new management. They seem to be changing things up and doing their best. The location is great- literally across the street from one of the trail entrances. We put on over 150 miles on our atvs and sxs in 3 days. The campground itself is gorgeous. The RV spots are on the smaller side but they are all pull through (makes it easier leaving). They have a handful of cabins too. They have a pool, a fishing pond and a few short atv trails.” – Bryan D, Google Review

“The new owners are very friendly and welcoming. They go out of their way to fix any problem. They have already begun quite a few upgrades and have much more planned. I'm impressed. I already loved it here and now I can't wait till our next trip to see the future changes!” – Cheryl K, Google Review

In Summary

If you are the type of person who craves adventure and longs to see rich and beautiful scenery, you should make sure your next RV trip is to Mena, AR. Regardless of where you stay, stunning trails, wildlife, and small-town charm are just minutes away. Before you book, be sure you find a site that has the amenities you want. Since there are so many great options, that shouldn’t be a problem. Enjoy nature and experience the beauty rural America has to offer by visiting Mena, AR, on your next vacation.

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